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Swiss quality engineering
We design and develop tailor made software that suits your needs.
Together, we digitize your business, increasing efficiency and reducing the error-proneness of your processes. Iteratively and in constant exchange we develop a solution, you with the domain expertise and we with the IT know-how.
Web/App Development
Whether web application, mobile app or cloud software, we develop individual software solutions according to your needs. By using state-of-the-art technologies, proven development practices and our expertise, your project will be a success.
Web Design
We love to be creative. We help you to turn your idea for a personal website into reality. Through your requirements and wishes we create the first designs, which we refine together iteratively until the implementation can be started. You are always in control and have a say in every step.


We successfully completed the following projects.
Traumhochzeit AG
Getting married should be a unique experience, but until the day of the wedding there are many things to consider and plan. This is where meine-traumhochzeit.ch comes into play. They offer everything from the perfect location for apero or dinner, ceremony management to catering and wedding photography on one platform. Their mission is simple, make wedding planning as easy and goal-oriented as possible.
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eMBe Finanz GmbH
In cooperation with eMBe Finanz GmbH their new company website was created. In the first phase, we created the designs according to their wishes and ideas. Subsequently, these were refined in an iterative process and in a third step practically implemented. The website complies with the latest development standards, is multilingual and mobile optimized.
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An established team that complements each other. We know each other for a long time and have already implemented a lot of projects together privately and professionally.
Portrait of Nik Zaugg
Nik Zaugg
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Nik is our creative mind and the perfect mix of engineer and designer. He knows what it takes to create elegant, appealing designs that are easy to implement.
Portrait of Moritz Eck
Moritz Eck
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Moritz is an engineer with foresight and an eye for detail. He thinks about what needs to be implemented and how, so that the goal is achieved as quickly as possible and with the appropriate quality.


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